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Sicily is my love

In order to celebrate the best of Italian design and manufacturing, Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana have created the “Sicily is my Love” collection of small domestic appliances, where the shapes and colours of Sicily meet Smeg design.

The “Sicily is my Love” range of small domestic appliances includes a wide range of products to turn your kitchen into your very own piece of Sicily: a citrus juicer, kettle, 2-slice toaster, drip filter coffee machine, hand blender, four-compartment toaster, blender, espresso machine, stand mixer, 4-slot toaster and slow juicer.

The collection is like a miniature art gallery, where artisan creativity and advanced technology are married in the best of Italian design and manufacturing, the combination of two Italian companies Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana world famous in the field of design.

All the decorations of the “Sicily is my Love” range of small domestic appliances were created by the talents of Sicilian artisans, who hand painted the prototypes with original motifs inspired by the most beautiful parts of the island: Mount Etna, the puppet theatre, the Sicilian cart, the Greek temples, the citrus fruits, the flowers, the sea and all the inimitable panoramas offered by this beautiful island.

That same inspiration is what Smeg wished to celebrate with these precious creations, dedicating particular care to each and every appliance and faithfully reproducing the artistic concepts in the mass production run as well, on the basis of the hand-painted prototypes created by the expert hands of the Sicilian artists. A testament to this passion is the video, an exclusive shot in the Smeg factory, which recounts how the “Sicily is my love” range of small domestic appliances is created.

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